Helping numerous migrants and their families make their home in Canada, the FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) is a program that selects applicants that qualify based on their work skills and experience to immigrate to Canada. Until January 1st of 2015, the program was very strict on what skills they considered worthy of migration. However, after the fore mentioned date, they have made it to where there is no longer a specific prioritized experience in your field for acceptance.
Note: Also put into place on Jan. 1st, the FSW is now in the express entry system. This means that those who wish for applying to the program will have to first make a submission of an expression of interest profile. This will put them into the same pool as other prospective applicants.
Even though they did away with the prioritized occupations list, there are still a few number of requirements to be met when applying. These requirements are mandatory.

FSW Mandatory Eligibility Requirements

  • Firstly, you must pass a minimum language requirement in either English or French. You must go to the Visa office and provide your approved language test results.
  • There must be a recorded, continuous, 30/hr a week full time job work history for at least a year in the last 10 years. Skill levels that are qualified are O, A, and B.
  • You have six selection factors that you must meet a 67-point pass mark.

6 Selection Factors

  • 1. Adaptability: You score points on adaptability based on your background aspect which Canadian Immigration feel are assets in your integration to society in Canada. The factors that are taken into consideration are having a spouse that is proficient in English or French, previous work or study experience, as well as types of relatives. There is no set score on adaptability, there are other factors that are taken into consideration as well.
  • 2. Education: Depending on academic qualifications, applicants must be able to gather 25 points for education.
  • 3. Language Proficiency: Though a proficiency in both is NOT required, you are to receive up to a maximum of 28 points in choosing your first and secondary language. Choosing your first language grants you 24 points, and a second language added will be an additional 4 points. The two primary languages of Canada are French and English.
  • 4. Work Experience: It is vital that you pick wisely on the work history you present. In order to receive the maximum points in this category, 15 points, you will have to show a history of 6 or more years at full time employment. This work must be skilled work and it has to be within the last 10 years. So, remember to select your NOC code carefully.
  • 5. Arranged Employment: You are able to receive a maximum of 10 points in this category. That being said, you will only receive points if the job you have arranged for is a killed full-time profession. It is important to note that these points are only available until the Canadian employer has applied for, and is granted, a Labor Market Impact Assessment with positive marks.
  • 6. Age: This category, you are able to obtain a max of 12 points. After the age of 36, you begin to lose points. That is only under this selection factor.


  • Letters of references
  • Positive Language Tests
  • Civil and Identity Status Documents
  • The Educational Credential Assessment
There are a couple documents that you might be asked for, but should only be obtained when they are requested. The reason being is that they expire quickly, or you may only be able to obtain them by providing a letter from the Visa office. These documents are medical examinations, police clearance certificates, and others like these. They should only be applied for AFTER your submission of application.