Our Approach

Our Approach

The Canadian Immigration System is dynamic and changing so often, under the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker stream (EE-FSW) the CRS score that leads to an invitation from the Federal Government, means being able to apply almost immediately for Permanent Residency, fluctuates anywhere from 439 to 476 points in the last 2 years. Check this link

Clients that their score today is higher than the last draw score can, unfortunately, find out that in the next draw their score is not high enough, which means their profiles continue in the pool of candidates but they are not selected as of yet. This scenario unfortunately happens very often, and naturally generates disappointment and unnecessary stress.

As a firm, we trust that the Canadian government is fair and welcoming, as a matter of fact, Canada accepted in 2019 more than 100,000 new Permanent Residents through the Express Entry stream. However, the draw score changes to address the need of the local economy, and it impossible to predict what would be the next draw score much less to know if it will go up or down.

As a result of that, we take a very conservative approach to this Express Entry program, we work under the assumption that each and every one of our clients, who currently resides outside Canada, will have to get a qualified job offer before he comes to be able to secure his immigration process. We also know as a matter of fact that the immigration system prioritizes candidates with a qualified job offer and that these candidates are more likely to adapt to Canada as an immigrant, both financially and socially.

We think that this is the safest, most reliable, and healthiest approach to the EE-FSW stream, as it provides our clients with two main scenarios, the first is to be selected on spot, in case the score is high enough in relation to the last draw score, and second is to comprehend that looking for a job offer, in the vast majority of the cases, will be part of the immigration journey. Our clients are always ready for these two scenarios, and we are well equipped to support, train, and coach them through their international job search and the immigration process that follows.

Our Approach Mindset

When will you be able to start your new life in Canada?

We know that the vast majority of candidates who are looking into immigrating to Canada are welcome to start their journey, these applicants enjoy from talent and skills that are recognized by the Canadian Government. However, the vast majority will not be able to become Permanent Resident of Canada in 6 months, which is the official time frame the Canadian Government has been published.

In the last 12 months, most of the applicants who were invited by the Canadian Government to submit a full Permanent Residency application scored 460+ points, most of them have acquired either Canadian work experience or Canadian education.


Canada Immigration is very dynamic

Canada Immigration as a matter of fact is unpredictable and very dynamic, it’s also very welcoming, last year more than 90,000 applicants, through the Express Entry Stream, received their Permanent Residency.

Can we trust the Canadian system? In terms of being fair and honest, most definitely. However, the system is clearly prioritizing applicants who acquired a job offer from Canadian employers, or people that are already in Canada who acquired Canadian work experience.

Why having a job offer from a Canadian employer is so important? The Canadian government, through decades of research and study of cases of landed immigrants, has formed a clear conclusion that if foreign nationals have Canadian employers willing to hire them before they come to Canada, they are most probably will adapt, stay in Canada, raise their families here, and will enjoy financial and social stability.


The silver profiles – the skilled and talented 100,000 candidates

At the moment, over 100,000 candidates are in the pool of Canada for Skilled foreign workers, these are talented and skilled candidates who scored anywhere from 350-460 points, we call them the Silver Profiles.

If you live outside of Canada and never acquired Canadian Work Experience or Canadian Education, you’re most probably a member of this talented group.

If you’re not in the pool yet, you are invited to assess your CRS score here

CRS score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of September 28, 2020

CRS score range Number of candidates
601-1200 331
501-600 302
451-500 23,295
491-500 259
481-490 471
471-480 3,914
461-470 9,182
451-460 9,469
401-450 42,452
441-450 9,367
431-440 9,602
421-430 7,214
411-420 7,728
401-410 8,541
351-400 48,830
301-350 25,490
0-300 3,318
Total 144,018

Silver Profiles


Talented & Skilled


Our mission

Our company has been structured to serve these 100,000 candidates, to help them acquire a job offer in Canada before they arrive in our country.

Job offer from a Canadian employer, in the vast majority of the cases, is the golden ticket to Permanent Residency and a smooth adaptation for you and your family in Canada.


Where do you live?

Our primary focus is customers who live outside Canada, already in the pool and understand that acquiring a job offer is their pathway to Canada.

We know that finding a job in Canada, if you are not physically in the country, it’s a challenge that only a few firms decided to specialize in. We at SkilledTalent are up to challenge as long as our customer understands the time and dedication it required to be able to have positive results.


Basic Criteria for our program

We work only with customers we believe enjoy from a genuine chance to secure a job in Canada. As part of our professional profile assessment we confirm that the customer complies with these minimum criteria:

  • Education – Bachelor Degree
  • Work Experience - At least 3 years of skilled experience
  • Occupation - In shortage in Canada
  • Age: 25-45
  • Language - High proficiency
  • Job location - Flexible, willing to move to a remote town

What do we expect from our customers?

To be committed to the job search process as it requires the utmost dedication and time. We, as an organization, will exhaust all our resources to maximize the customer's chances to secure a qualified job, however, it's teamwork that cannot succeed unless the customer is an integral part of the job search process.


Get ready for a job search

We will help you to get proper training and coaching that will allow you to maximize your chances to secure a job. We accompany and support you through this process. Kindly review our product and services.


Get ready for your Immigration Preparation

We recommend our customers to start collecting documents and information essential to any immigration process that may start once a job offer in Canada was secured.

Canadian employers are very sensitive to long immigrating processing time, therefore, being ready for the immigration process is very much essential.


Join the pool of skilled Candidates

Even though joining the pool for a customer that scored 350-460 won't lead to an immediate Invitation to Apply, it opens a door of opportunities to be noticed and nominated by one of the provinces. Being in the pool allows the candidate to open a profile on Job board, a governmental site which is exposed to thousands of Canadian employers, some customers were able to get a job offer from a Canadian employer through Job Bank.

Being part of the pool is a staffing solution, among many others, we’re using to maximize our customer’s chances to secure a job in Canada.


Qualified job offers

All our resources, time, experience, and knowledge are available for our customers, it is a journey that requires time and dedication, but the ones who are persuasive are likely to secure a job. A qualified job offer is issued by a company that is in good standing, in operations for at least one year, and have some staff members on the payroll.


Full Immigration process

Once you secured a job offer, our legal team will assess your employer’s profile to define if the company is qualified and complies with immigration program criteria.

We invest time and resources in confirming the employer’s commitment to the process, taking under our consideration process time involving any immigration process. The employer support through the immigration process is very much key to the whole process.


Arriving in Canada

When will you arrive in Canada and in which legal status, either permanent or temporary, will be defined once a job offer was issued to you by a Canadian employer. Canada offers more than 70 different programs, some of them lead to Permanent Residency and others to Temporary Work Permit who eventually leads to Permanent Residency.

Our company will negotiate on your behalf with the Canadian employer and get the best outcome possible.

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