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Our Services

At the CanadaIMS we understand that process of getting a job offer from a Canadian employer is not an easy task, nothing worthwhile in life is easy, we all know that.

Is it possible? It is, of course, with professional guidance, support, and full commitment of the foreign talent.

There is one rule of thumb, the longer you are committed to your job search, the more interaction with Canadian employers you have, the higher are your chances to secure a job in Canada. The law of the big numbers applies very well in the international job search. In most of the cases, it’s not that a foreigner cannot find a job offer in Canada, it’s more likely that somewhere along the way you gave up.

Our goal is to help foreign talents to board this journey well equipped with knowledge, strategy, and planning. We know that mental preparation and motivational support is crucial. Getting the right training, coaching and legal representation is crucial for the outcome of any international job search.

The more you’ll know about the Canadian market, the business culture, and apply local recruitment techniques the higher going to be your chances to secure a job and eventually realize your professional and immigration goals.

For many Canadian employers, it is a frustrating reality to see that the growth of their company has not been matched by Canadian workforce expansion. It is estimated that Canada will face a labor force shortage of close to 2 million workers in Canada by 2031.

That said, one of the greatest challenge’s Canadian employers and Foreign workers alike need to overcome is the gap between the genuine intention of both sides to start working together versus a natural human tendency of the employers to prioritize interaction with candidates they meet physically in their community.

At the Fourth Generation, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping skilled foreigners in the process of getting a job offer, we accompany the applicant in every step of the way, through every obstacles and milestone.

Job offer Hunting

Professional profile Assessment +

This is the first step in any international job search, you must find out if your profile is in demand in Canada. We will assess as part of this process your Work experience, Qualifications, Education certificate, Language skills, Cultural background, Age, Commitment to job search, and Willingness to move to small or remote towns.

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Personality Assessment test +

Employers are short on time, the more information they have on your personality the faster is their recruitment process. Personality assessment makes the employer much comfortable hiring a foreign national as he gets to know over 18 traits of the candidate, among them, Confidence, Assertiveness, Decision-Making, Stress Management, and Communication Skills. The assessment is being done by a Canadian company which builds trust and credibility with the employer.

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CV Optimizer – Canadian format including Linkedin profile

Because you are unique, your CV must be too. Because you want to work in Canada, your resume must look Canadian Too. Our job is to make you shine, to stand out from the crowd. As part of this service will review and adjust your LinkedIn profile and review any other social media profiles you have.

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Video Resume

Using a video resume any international job search is a crucial factor in your success. Will reach you on how to use this powerful tool properly. It’s a Great eye breaker as the employer gets to see who is behind the foreign name.

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Interview coaching and preparation+

We know that you are looking for the next step in your career, Canada is the destination, and a job offer is your mission. Interviews can be a real challenge. Stress, anxiety, and pressure can cause you to lose focus and forget about all of your great experiences and achievements that you’d love to tell your interviewer about. Let’s us get you ready for this.

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Job search mentorship- motivational+

You will need some mental preparation for the job search, will teach you how to overcome fears and rejections, and most importantly keep you on the Kingsway, focused on the missing. In every accompany your every step of the way, with good advice and guidance, provided by local Canadian recruiters.

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Job search techniques+

Will teach you which job boards to use, how to use your traditional and video resumes properly. What towns and provinces to target according to your qualifications and work experience. You will be exposed to Creative techniques on how to attract employers, and how to explain your unique proposition as a foreigner looking for a job in Canada.

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Job search techniques+

We will push in of your polished profile to as many local recruiters as possible, these recruiters are in constant contact with Canadian employers who are looking for a skilled employee to fill a vacant position.

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Guidance for your Canadian employer

Many Canadian employers haven’t had experience hiring a foreign national, naturally, they will have lots of questions and concerns. Our mission is to get you through this important milestone.

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How your Job offer should look like?

All that is needed to get the process going is an employment contract or written job offer letter stating the following information:

  • Job title for the position being offered;
  • Job description, including main duties and responsibilities;
  • Requirements for the position – a list of necessary professional credentials, education, skills, experience, and licenses, as required;
  • Details about start and end dates (if applicable) of the position;
  • Specifics about the salary you are offering – both wages and other forms of payment;
  • The name and address of the employer, the address of the employee’s future place of work, and the details of a contact person at your company who is familiar with the job offer.

Immigration Preparation

Documents Collection, optimization, and validation

Getting ready for your immigration process is key for your international job search, we will help you to collect, optimize and validate relevant documents so that when your job offer is ready you will be able to start your immigration process immediately.

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Information collection

Providing precise information as part of your immigration process is extremely important, we are going to help you to collect the necessary information, confirm and validate this information and make sure it’s coherent so that when your job offer is ready you won’t have any delays.

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Guidance and support in obtaining IELTS and WES

We will help you to get ready properly for the test including help in scheduling for you the test day. Support and guidance in acquiring the WES assessment, which includes navigating the protocols of WES.

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