How do we select the RCIC most suitable to your case?

Canada Immigration offers over 70 different programs to prospective immigrants from around the world, it’s a mosaic of visas that requires specialized knowledge.

At The Fourth Generation we exclusively subcontract selected team of RCICs who went through our strict screening process, each one of them acquired years of proven experience and specialized in specific types of visas. Their track records are impeccable.

Years of experience have thought us that once there is an interaction with Government bodies most of our customers would prefer to be represented by an RCIC who can speak their own mother tongue and understand their culture.

Once you were able to secure a job in Canada and the immigration preparation phase is completed by our company, with your full collaboration, an RCIC will be assigned and introduced to you.

This will be an RCIC we strongly believe is most suitable to your case and you as an individual.

At this stage, we will provide to you: RCIC’s full name, regulation number and contact information.

This professional and regulated consultant will accompany you throughout the entire immigration process, and represent your case before Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

RCIC Take Care!

When assigned to your case an RCIC we take under considerations the following


The expertise of this RCIC in cases similar to yours, by that we maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.


Your native language, which allows the highest level of communication.


Your cultural background, as we understand that in important procedures one would prefer to be assisted by an advisor from its own cultural background.

Our team of consultant speak many different languages
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